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In a shrinking world, where information flows at the speed of light and transactions take place instantaneously, your customers demand a service that meets their needs, any time, any place. Traditional finance institutions rely on costly outdated systems and infrastructure that struggle to meet the demands the new digital economy places upon them.


At pollenbee, we have built a platform that turns this conventional thinking on its head. Our cloud based solution delivers you and your customers steadfast reliability, industry leading levels of security, continuous innovation and support for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. This approach allows you quickly rollout new features and products, as well as giving you the flexibility to scale virtually on- demand to meet your growing business’ needs.


Whether it’s to launch new ventures, transform your existing business or grow new markets, pollenbee has the expertise and experience to help deliver success for you and your customers


We believe in a world in which everybody should have access to essential banking services and financial products. With financial inclusion, comes financial opportunity and with this the possibilities for realizing our potential are endless.


Central to delivering this is ensuring the cost of providing those services is kept low, whilst maintaining market changing innovation and industry leading reliability. By leveraging the power of the cloud, and operating to agile principles, we’re able to provide industry leading tools at low cost, benefitting both you and your customers.


At pollenbee, our mission is to be at the heart of this revolution.
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